Solar Light Classification

- Aug 02, 2018-

Household lighting

Compared with ordinary LED lights, the solar light lamp has a built-in lithium battery or a lead-acid battery, and is charged by one or more solar panels. The charging time is generally about 8 hours, and the use time is 8-24 hours. Generally with charging or remote control function, the shape varies according to user needs.

Signal light

The role of navigation, aviation and land traffic lights is crucial. Many local power grids cannot supply power, while solar signal lights can solve the power supply problem. The light source is mainly LEDs with small particle directional illumination. Has achieved good economic and social benefits.

Lawn light

Solar lawn lamp, the light source power is 0.1~1W, and small particle light-emitting diode (LED) is generally used as the main light source. The solar panel power is 0.5~3W, and two batteries such as a 1.2V nickel battery can be used.

Landscape light

It is applied to squares, parks, green spaces, etc., using various shapes of low-power LED point light sources, line light sources, and cold cathode modeling lamps to beautify the environment. Solar landscape lights can get better landscape lighting without destroying the green space.

Identification light

Lighting for night guidance, house number, intersection identification. The luminous flux of the light source is not high, the system configuration requirements are low, and the usage is large. The light source of the marker lamp can generally be a low power LED light source or a cold cathode lamp.

Street light

Solar street lights, applied to village roads and country roads, are one of the main applications of solar photovoltaic lighting devices. The light source used is a low-power high-pressure gas discharge (HID) lamp, a fluorescent lamp, a low-pressure sodium lamp, and a high-power LED. Due to its overall power limitations, there are not many cases applied to urban main roads. With the complementation of municipal lines, solar photovoltaic street lamps will be used more and more on the main roads.

Insect killer

Used in orchards, plantations, parks, lawns and other places. Generally, a fluorescent lamp having a specific spectrum is used, and a relatively advanced LED violet lamp is used to induce and kill pests through its specific spectral line radiation.


LEDs can be used as a light source for field activities or emergency situations.

Garden light

Solar garden lights are used for lighting and decoration of urban roads, commercial and residential communities, parks, tourist attractions, and squares. It is also possible to change the above-mentioned commercial lighting system to cause a solar lighting system according to the needs of the user.