Lighteer PPT Show

- Nov 13, 2018-


PPT Exprience sharing & Apprenticship ceremony

PPT Exprience sharing

Alfred shared his exprience about Resource Utilization & Mentality.image

Tiffany showed us case analysis of the colorful art business that she met.

Shela told us how to develop new customers and keep relationship with the old .

Linnea went further ,she analyzed all her customers ,concluded some really practical skills to reply and follow up client .

Jolly gave us advice to choose and develop new products.image

Evelyn asked questions about what she faced during work time as a trade rep.

Mintie showed us how to deal with the situation where people don't reply your email.

Jack showed his skilled inquiry talents by case analysis.

David ,our boss , summerized the entire meeting and showed his visions about Foreign Trading Field.



Apprenticship ceremony

 We have a special welcome ceremony for new employees. 

We followed the model of Confucius in ancient China and developed our new mentoring relationship.

First,Disciple tea to the master.

Second,Certificate signature.

Finally, tutor set goals to the disciple.

End of ceremony.


Meaningful day for the newcomer as well as all colleagues.