LED Copper Wire Lamp In Terms Of Use Value

- Aug 02, 2018-

LED copper wire lamps are mainly used in terms of low value, high efficiency, long life, cold light source, long-time lighting, and rich colors.

LED copper lamp product performance: easy to install, low maintenance rate, not easy to break, high brightness, easy to bend, high temperature resistance, waterproof, green, low temperature, energy saving, high safety, light weight, small size

LED copper wire application range: can be DIY a variety of new and practical products, such as clothes, backpacks, shoes, gloves, jewelry (necklaces, garlands), bicycles, motorcycles and various models shine.

LED is a new type of light source that has been rapidly developed in recent years. LED lamps have been widely used due to their small size, low power consumption, long service life, high brightness, low heat and environmental protection.

With the development of LED technology, the form of LED lights is increasing, and the LED copper wire strings in LED products are not only used for decoration of various festivals such as Christmas, but also used in home decoration and urban lighting projects. And a variety of entertainment venues. LED light string and traditional incandescent light string have incomparable advantages: colorful, can achieve a variety of color changes, and effectively reduce energy consumption, the composition of the colorful color string can not only play a role in lighting, its decoration The role is to add a festive atmosphere to different programs and different occasions.

Among them, the LED copper wire lamp refers to an LED copper wire string with a wire diameter of about 0.38-0.5MM without solder joints, high flexibility, moderate bending, and arbitrary shape without being easily broken.