Why is the solar lithium battery street light not bright

- Aug 02, 2018-

Why is the solar lithium battery street light not bright? The most fearful thing in the process of our installation is that there is no light in the process of use, which greatly loses the company's image and causes customer distrust. Why is there a situation where lithium solar street lights will not light up? There are several possible reasons

01 wiring method

If there is no light in the installation process of solar energy, under normal circumstances, the workers will be led and reversed when the wiring is connected. Our current lithium battery only needs two output lines, one LED and another battery board. If the battery board is reversed, the LED will not work for a long time.

02 capacity problem

According to the National Safe Transportation Law, lithium batteries are restricted to transport products. According to the relevant regulations, the solar lithium battery is controlled to be less than 30% from the factory to the transportation battery, so the solar lithium battery to the customer is not fully charged. If it is not installed for a long time or there is a long rainy day during installation, the solar street light will only consume the battery capacity of the factory. If it is not charged by solar energy, it will directly cause a loss of electricity.

03 quality problem

If none of the above occurs, but it still doesn't shine, then it is really a problem with the quality of the product itself, you can go back to the factory for testing.