What are the disadvantages of solar street lights

- Aug 02, 2018-

Solar street light is one of the new energy applications. Because it is full of this technology and does not require the assistance of extra power, it has become a green streetlight and is highly sought after by adults. The advantages of solar street lights are very many, but some of the disadvantages still make many people avoid it and are not willing to accept emerging high-tech products. So, let's take a look today, what are the disadvantages of solar street lights?

The biggest shortcomings of solar energy products are electricity storage problems and weather problems. Solar street lights are no exception. For some areas where sunlight is not seen all the year round, solar street lights cannot be used at all. In these areas, there is insufficient lighting all the year round, which seriously affects the use time of street lamps. Therefore, these areas can only use traditional electric lighting. In addition, China still has a lot of deficiencies in power storage, so it is better to use traditional street lamps in areas with insufficient light.

The cost of high-tech products is generally not low, as is the case with solar street lamps. The cost of solar street lamps is dozens of times that of ordinary street lamps. However, because it does not require other power to support it in the later stage, it is still far from the advantages of solar street lamps. More than ordinary street lamps, I believe that in the future life, people will use more and more solar energy, solar products will slowly integrate into people's lives, so that people's lives will become better.