The welfare of the low-headed

- Mar 01, 2019-

The crosswalk was originally designed to protect pedestrians crossing the road, but it does not provide unconditional protection for pedestrians, at least for pedestrians to observe whether they are in danger or not. Today, y, due to mobile phones, pedestrian traffic is facing more risks. Numerous studies have shown that the number of traffic accidents caused by pedestrians' distractions from using mobile phones has risen sharply. Obviously, there are more and more "low-headed" people who are crossing the road and are getting worse. They only slow down, but their eyes are still on the screen of the mobile phone instead of paying attention to the situation on the road.

Soren Luckins, founder of Melbourne design studio Büro North, said. In order to ensure the safety of the "low-headed", his solution is to set the pedestrian crossing signal on the ground, because those "low-headed" are easier to see.