The copper commonly used in lighting, I did not expect it to have so many stories!

- Mar 15, 2019-

Copper was called "Red Gold" in ancient times. Its color is the same as that of gold. It is the earliest smelting metal in the world. Although it is not as valuable as gold and silver, it is not as refined and elegant as porcelain, but it is naturally close to people's daily life. Huang Tingjian, a famous poet in the Northern Song Dynasty, once wrote a book entitled "Golden Pots to Send Wang Guanfu", which wrote "Aijun ancient people style, ancient pots give gifts to Jun." Among them, the "old pot" is the copper pot.

History and culture of copper

As early as three or four thousand years ago, China's copper smelting and production process has reached a fairly high level. In ancient China, bronzes were used in aristocratic life and as a symbol of identity. The bronze ware is also used as a ritual for the banquet and sacrifice in the ancestral temple. It is exquisite in craftsmanship and skillful. It is an important part of Chinese culture.

The role and characteristics of copper

Copper has good anti-corrosion and anti-collision properties. Its appearance is like gold. It gives a noble and heavy feeling. It can be used as sculpture material and interior decoration.

Contemporary copper art

"The father of Chinese contemporary copper architecture" Zhu Bingren's work Lei Feng copper tower glittering, standing on the side of the West Lake, is the use of copper material light fast, corrosion resistant, noble appearance, through his unique design and excellent craftsmanship, let People have seen the new majesty of Leifeng Tower.

Inside the venue of the Hangzhou G20 Summit, the brightest copper is also used as the wall top and wall interiors, making the venue look exquisite and atmospheric, brilliant but elegant and heavy.

The top of the building uses copper embossing, a large dragon plaque in the center, and some dragon embossing on the side, echoing the dragon in the middle. There are also some back-grain patterns and auspicious cloud patterns carved on it. The whole top is exquisitely designed and amazing.

Contemporary copper lamp

Each copper lamp is also the crystallization of the efforts and wisdom of the copper lamp artist. The birth of a good copper lamp requires not only high-quality copper materials with high content, but also every need for copper lamp masters in every process of sand casting and die casting. With the accumulated experience and vision, the characteristics of copper can be perfectly displayed in the lighting. The later grinding, spot welding, and coloring are all required by the copper lamp artist to create it by hand.

Elton? Meiji is an excellent middle and high-end lighting brand. The copper lamp products use high-quality 65 copper, and through the excellent production process and trend design concept, to create a copper lamp product with both quality and fashion beauty. .

The beauty of bronze is not only the color and value of the copper material itself, but also the long history. The copper artisans have always been passionate about art and life, constantly exploring and innovating, in the exploration of crafts, the art of condensation. Wisdom and a sincere heart.