The choice of solar controller should pay attention

- Aug 02, 2018-

One: The controller with lower power consumption should be selected. The controller will work continuously for 48 hours. If its own power consumption is large, it will consume some power. It is best to choose a controller with power consumption below 5 mA.

Two: to choose a controller with high charging efficiency, a controller with strong charging, balanced charging, floating charging three-stage charging control mode, using MCU intelligent control, through internal calculations, can always charge the battery with maximum power, especially In the winter or under-light period, the charging mode using the MCU intelligent control is about 20% higher than the non-MCU intelligent controller.

Three: With high-precision control, high-precision is the comprehensive embodiment of product design, and it is also an excellent embodiment of material selection, and it is also the embodiment of production technology. Non-precision controlled solar street light controllers tend to have high repair rate, poor reliability, and low market price due to unreasonable product design and poor material selection.

Four: Only the controller with two independent controls is selected, which is convenient for the power adjustment of the whole lamp. In the night when pedestrians are sparse, one or two channels of illumination can be automatically turned off, saving electricity, and power adjustment for LED lights. In addition to selecting the above power saving function, when setting the undervoltage protection value of the controller, try to adjust the undervoltage protection value to ≥10.5V to prevent the lithium battery from being over-discharged.