Removing blue from LED lights can reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes

- Mar 04, 2019-

According to Healio, a new medical media in the United States, a lighting technology company called Circadian Light issued a press release stating that removing the bioactive blue wavelength from white LED lights may reduce some of the harmful effects, such as circadian clock imbalance, increased appetite, insulin resistance and Diabetes risk.

The company recently conducted a study comparing a group of healthy workers with 12-hour night shifts under traditional LED lights and Circadian Light lights. It is said that this lamp can adjust the bioactive blue content of the light according to the position and season according to the 24-hour system.


Circadian Light's president, Martin Moore-Ede, MD, said at the press conference that preliminary results showed that nighttime blue LEDs minimized the dysfunction of the circadian clock and prevented appetite and insulin resistance. Phenomena are present in subjects who are exposed to traditional LED lighting.