How to distinguish the quality of outdoor street lights

- Aug 02, 2018-

The use of outdoor street lights is very necessary. Its use is related to the safety of urban traffic and the convenience of people traveling. Therefore, the installation of outdoor street lights can not be sloppy. Those street lights with poor lighting effects and strong consumption are definitely not suitable. Used again. Due to the demand for outdoor street lamps, there are many styles of street lamps on the market, which makes it difficult to distinguish the quality of outdoor street lamps. Therefore, let Xiaobian tell everyone how to distinguish the quality of outdoor street lights.

First of all, when buying road outdoor street lights, it is necessary to look at the power factor of the whole lamp. If the power of the outdoor lighting street lamp is too low, it will affect the service life of the lamp. Even if the good lamp is low, its life will not be too long.

Secondly, look at the heat dissipation of the luminaire. For the outdoor street lamp, its heat dissipation function is very important. If the heat dissipation condition is not good for a long time, the light fading will increase, and the service life of the luminaire will of course be reduced. In addition, the purchase of a luminaire depends on whether it meets the national safety standards and is selected according to national standards.